• Business

    and specialized

    information systems

    ERP solution
    Private and public companies
    Faculty information systems
    Retail solutions
    B2B integrations
  • WEB Solutions

    Cross browser compatibility
    Solutions for large amounts of data
    HTML5-CSS3, responsive design
  • Network and

    telecommunication solutions

    Workstations and network maintenance
    Microsoft Windows and Linux-Unix server solutions
    Mail servers, routing-firewall solutions
    Installation and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Secondary school enrollment

    Success story since 2002
    Complete technical process realization

Evolution online - EON

Experience. Creativity. Commitment. Knowledge.

Company Evolution Online – EON doo was created in 2003 in Belgrade and we deal with specialized services in the field of information technology.

Since the very beginning our approach has not been limited to offering standardized solutions, programmes and products to clients – we have always been more attracted to the problems and solutions where we could leave our personal touch, i.e. situations where we completely had to go into client’s business process, so that we could offer the right solution, which often interferred with modifications in the business process.

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At the moment we are strategic software partner of UNIQA insurance, with whom we have worked and are still working on numerous projects, not only for the needs of UNIQA Serbia, but also on the projects for the entire group.

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