Company Evolution Online – EON doo was created in 2003. in Belgrade and we deal with specialized services in the field of information technology.

Since the very beginning our approach has not been limited to offering standardized solutions, programmes and products to clients – we have always been more attracted to the problems and solutions where we could leave our personal touch, i.e. situations where we completely had to go into client’s business process, so that we could offer the right solution, which often interferred with modifications in the business process.

With this approach, commitment and successful implementation we have made our clients long-term partners and also gained extensive experience and knowledge of business processes in various fields, which we believe now to be our greatest asset.

Consequently, we no longer think of ourselves as just a team of IT professionals who will make an application, offer a service or establish necessary (hardware) communication flows in your company, but a team that is always ready: to get to the core of your business process, to do a proper analysis and offer a solution that does not necessarily have to be a new software or new equipment.

We will understand the essence of what you do and what you need.

And through which projects have we acquired experience and what can we offer you?

The main activity of our company is software development...

Secondary school enrollment

The first major project, that brought together people who subsequently founded EON, was the project on reform of secondary school enrollment in 2002. A young team, gathered at this point around Computer Centre of Alternative Academic Educational Network, accepted the challenge and this opportunity, and in just a few months designed, organized and successfully implemented a new system for enrollment, completely transparent and automated. The project was declared to be the reform project of the year by Time (Vreme) magazine, where you can read more about this project. here ››

Business information systems

We have dealt a lot (and we still do) with business information systems.

We have developed our own ERP solution, primarily oriented to small and medium sized enterprises, which covers warehouse management, inventory accounting, financial accounting, basic assets and minor inventory… Business package that we developed was not conceived as ready-made software with the intention to be sold and implemented in the same form in as many places as possible, but as a basis that we have always adjusted and adapted for specific needs of specific clients. We have always followed the basic idea that we should provide our client with a solution not with just a programme or any other service. However, even entirely adapted software sometimes is not enough for successful implementation of business software. Therefore this implementation has to be accompanied with a number of associated services and solutions such as

  • Integration of distributed databases and secondary and associated business sectors that generally use different applications (e.g. exchange offices, cafes, various service activities…)
  • Linking up spatially far-flung points, relevant for the client’s business and the complete unification of information flow – point-to-point (direct line, frame relay…) and internet connections (VPN)
  • B2B integration – integration with the systems of commercial banks, NBS, RFZO, USO and the systems of business partners…

… and so much more – in short, we did and we do everything we feel that the client cannot perform independently and what we estimate to be necessary for successful adoption and operation of the new system.

We have developed financial operations both for private companies, state institutions and non-governmental organizations and associations that operate on the basis of a project.

Payroll, human resources department

We have developed a complete personnel module, a module for keeping record of contracts, and also a high quality module for payroll, which is usually the biggest problem of foreign information systems, due to the specific national legislation. In addition to record-keeping and payroll, the module prints a great number of forms (PPOPj, PPOD, M1, M2, M4…), and automated printing of transfer orders and e-banking payment is provided.

The integration for payment is made (for the import of statements as well) for both commercial banks (Halcom, FX client) and the Treasury through which transactions for budget users are performed.

Retail software

Together with the wholesale part we developed independently retail software, which is also available as a stand-alone module, but primarily as a module integrated into a single system with a wholesale part of the system. Virtually since its first versions (2004) retail software has established the concept of centralization of the codebook (items, clients…) and data synchronization that was successfully performed even in that time with dial-up, that is via the internet or direct data sever call. The concept of integrated wholesale and retail trade showed excellent performance even on the greatest stress tests, even in the cases where clients had as many as 200 000 items, dozens of buildings and tens of thousands of transactions every day.

FP6-FP7 projects

In the period 2007-2009 we participated in the FP6 project EllectraWeb, co-financed by the European Commission, which gave us considerable experience in operating mode, administration and management of large international projects.

Specialized information systems

We have developed numerous specialized information systems for our clients’ needs, both in terms of desktop applications through integrated and combined desktop-web solutions and also complete web solutions.

We were a software partner of Intracom in the process of introduction of fiscal cash registers (2204-2006) providing software support for the introduction of Intracom CR401 registers in different business environments and information systems. With our partners SDDITG, we developed the first system for remote reading from cash registers by special hardware devices (fiscal terminals). In 2005, GPRS terminals were introduced as mandatory equipment in retail outlets on the basis of our system and our presentations held for Tax Administration and Ministry of Commerce.

We have been a technical partner of the Ministry of Defence, i.e. International Organization for Migration (IOM) in a large project for conversion course for members of Serbian Army, within which we have developed a complete information system for the project PRISMA.

We have created an information system for probably Serbian biggest travel agency in the field of ski tourism – SkiBus, within which we have developed an internal system of applications, booking, tour organizations and groups…

E-commerce, web solutions, B2B, integrations

We have developed several sites with possibilities for electronic commerce (e-commerce) in Serbia and Montenegro, i.e. buying and selling goods and services via the Internet, with a variety of payment options and acquisitions, including direct payment with credit cards via the website. Credit card payments are realized by relying on the payment gateway systems of Banca Intesa (FirstData) and NLB Montenegro.

In addition to e-commerce solutions we have created a wide range of web solutions and performed services, with integration of various web services (web services of NBS, web services of the Association of Serbian Insurers…) but also with different hardware devices, such as devices for employees attendances, card readers (for identity cards, driving licenses…) different scales, modems, routers…

SMS services

We also have in our team specialists who deal with the development of systems for SMS value-added services – SMSGateway, a system developed to receive and process SMS requests as well as deliver responses to users. We have created services for sending mass (bulk) messages in order to provide information or perform advertising, services for polling, prize games and specific services (SMSParking, mPayment). SMS Services currently cover Serbia (MTS, Telenor, VIP), Macedonia (T-Mobile, VIP Mobile, ONE) and Montenegro (m:Tel, T-Mobile and Telenor)

Faculty information systems

We have relied on the existing software that was in the students’ service, created by Professor PhD Milan Drazic and we upgraded it. In spite of the fact that this software was created more than 20 years ago, it exists and operates on a number of faculties within Belgrade University. Our improvement is reflected primarily in the development of students’ services over the web, with the ability to apply for exams and pay via the Internet.

In addition to these student services which rely on the existing package, we are in the final stage of creating completely new package for student services.

Uniqa Insurance

Currently we are a strategic software partner of UNIQA Insurance, with whom we have cooperated (and we still do) on a number of projects, not only for UNIQA Serbia, but also on the projects for the entire group, as the only software outsource company for the group. Of all larger projects implemented in UNIQA insurance we would like to single out the project for online recruitment system of insurance agents, which is used in the entire group, as well as the current project for the sale of insurance policies for auto liability, accident insurance, compulsory insurance of passengers in public transport…


Our company is a Microsoft partner, but the tools and technologies we use are not limited only to Microsoft technologies – we operate in the following tools: Net, MSSQL, VB6, PHP, MySQL, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery…

IT support and maintenance

Apart from our development team, there is the other branch of company activities, a complete IT support and maintenance of functionality of information systems.

Our services include maintenance of computers and computer networks, the administration of Windows and Linux/Unix based server solutions, installation and maintenance of mail server (Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Dovecot, Courier), Routing/Firewall solutions, integration of Windows/Linux solutions, setting up IT infrastructure, structural cabling, installation and maintenance of telephone systems. Our solutions are based on the offer of best-known manufacturers of network and telecommunications equipment, primarily Cisco, Lynksys, Allied Telesyn for active network equipment and Panduit, Teldor and Univolt for passive network equipment as well as Panasonic and Avaya for telecommunication equipment.

Many companies have entrusted us with the maintenance of complete IT – small businesses in one location with a simple LAN and PBX solutions, medium-sized companies and even large companies with hundreds of employees, a number of administrative centres and diverse and demanding IT needs.

In Energoprojekt Holding we set up a complete mailing system; we have been maintaining mailing system and web server for Media Centre; at the Faculty of Law we have set up and we maintain a complete network, the infrastructure of the server and security policy; we have also reached Kazakhstan, where we in the mid-2000s in a pioneering projects established satellite Internet connections and communication hubs on the oil wells (we were a long-term partner of oil company PM Lucas).

Our love and passion for technology compelled us to constant engagement. Even after working hours, in their spare time, guys who work in administrational part of the firm were actively involved in the creation and expansion of Wireless community BGWireless (admin nodes block 45 and 44). Our company was for a while the only company that was administrator of one node (Mostar) in BGWireless network; it goes without saying that everything was done pro bono, out of sheer enthusiasm.

Despite our vast experience and constant practice in IT, our passion and excitement that we find in new challenges persist. If you think that our experience and knowledge can be of benefit to you, contact us and we will be glad to meet you and hear you out.